Table Hire

Formal Events
For formal events such as weddings, fundraisers and business parties which include dinner, you will require tables large enough for guests to be seated comfortably. Allow extra table space for elaborate place settings for more formal events.

Semi-Formal Events
Semi-Formal events, such as cocktail parties, Christenings or birthday parties, don’t have the same seating requirements as formal events. So consider long rectangular tables which allow for conversation. Our long tables can also be used as buffet tables and we also offer high bar tables.

For events such as pre-reception cocktails at a wedding or a semi-formal open house, our high dry bar tables are a great way for guests to enjoy light finger food and drinks while keeping the tone of the event light-hearted and classy.

Casual Events
For casual events such as barbecues, neighbourhood parties and holiday celebrations, any table size, shape or height will be suitable. We also offer smaller tables and chairs suitable for children so they can feel included at a table setting appropriate for their size.

You can mix and match table sizes and shapes for a fun, laid-back event or you may consider different sized groups so guests can get to know one another.